Dance 2 Dream


At Dance 22, our Dance 2 Dream classes are offered to students of all ages who want to develop their dance skills in a fun and relaxed environment. These classes are tailored to build strong dance technique for every dancer. 

Dance 2 Achieve


Dance 2 Achieve classes are offered to students 6 years of age and older, who are interested in learning the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus to work towards sitting their ballet exams. At Dance 22, whether your child chooses to sit their exam or not, learning syllabus work allows them to learn ballet discipline and technique in a structured way. Dance 2 Achieve classes are offered in ballet only. Ballet is the foundation of every dancer and is the most important style of dance for establishing correct dance technique.


Dance 2 Shine


In the Dance 2 Shine classes at Dance 22, interested students 8 years of age and older are given the opportunity to take the skills they have honed in class to the stage! Students are required to have at least one year of dance experience to be eligible to join our performance team. Performing allows students to build confidence and present their dance knowledge to the world. Please contact Miss Lucy for further details if you and your child are interested in working towards performances.

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